Time for a change.

I’ve drawn a line under the Canyon.  A year of constant hassles, warranty arguments over forks and so on left me fed up and finding it difficult to experience New Bike Joy.  Maybe it was a karma thing.

So, plans were made a while ago, derailed, remade, derailed, remade then derailed for a third time, revised down the financial scale, leading me to this.  A Genesis High Lattitude frameset, courtesy of the lovely Mr Simon Barnes at BikeShak ( ).

Built up with the drivetrain from the Canyon, various bits from the spares box and the fork and wheels from the Scandal SS, its a fast bugger, made for hammering through the tight woodland trails of The Kingdom.  Its also slightly smaller than the Canyon, so can be manhandled a bit more.  It’ll be interesting to both get some proper miles on it and ride it in an endurance event.

A spec, for those that care about such things.

Shimano SLX crank, shadow+ rear deraileur and shifters.  Deore front deraileur. Thomson seatpost, Rockshox Reba RL fork.  Hope mix and match headset, Shimano XT UST wheels.  Funn XC stem, Answer Pro Taper XC Trail bars, USE carbon bottlecage, Maxxis Ardent LUST (F), Continental X-King (R), some random grips, spacers, saddle from The Box.

A new saddle and grips will be purchased soon, once I’ve decided on them and the rear tyre will be swapped out for something else.  The X-King doesn’t get on with the Shimano UST rim, leaving it feeling like its going to roll off the rim sometimes under hard cornering so its going, in favour of something from Maxxis.  An Aspen for now.

The only other change I might make is a longer stem.  Genesis spec a 90mm on the full builds in my size, but it feels a little short at times and a little twitchy so a 100mm or 110mm stem might appear in due course.

So, the Canyon.

Its been redeployed as some sort of multi-use beast.  It’s currently a rigid singlespeed, it might get a sus fork back at some point and come races, it will be graced with a 1×10 drivetrain and will be the spare bike.

I’ve done it with a half link and it’s pretty much bang on.  The chain needs to stretch a little and once it has, it should run smoothly.

The irony?  Its actually quite a fun bike now.

This just leaves the poor Scandal.  Now stripped of various bits for the Genesis build, it’s remaining SS but lacks a fork and wheels.  That said, there should be something in The Box, so it should be back soon enough……..

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5 thoughts on “Re-Make/Re-Model.”

  1. Nice bike, but why tape the tube and tools to the frame instead of a saddlepack, just curious?

  2. That’s a good looking hard tail. I didn’t get on at all well with Conti X-King / Mountain King combo that came on my new bike last year. OK in the dry but deadly on wet rock. Shame – tread looked the part. Glad to see that you’ve got your mojo back after Selkirk.

  3. Cheers. I’m still getting used to it as its a slightly different fit to the Canyon but I think I’m getting there.

    I still get on with the Mountain King as a front tyre but the X-Kings were a disappointment as a rear.

    I’m hoping that the Maxxis Aspen works out on the rear – It’s like a slightly shallower tread version of the Ardent but half the price of the Ardent Race that came out recently. Based on three rides, I feel like I can trust it more leaning into the corners where the X-King was slipping.

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