I’m making an effort to get off my back side and get race entries sorted out sooner rather than later this year.

My Glentress 7 entry is in and an entry for the Selkirk MTB Marathon should be in as soon as entries open. Another organiser has taken on the event, so it is happening this year after all. 19th of May IIRC. I’m also toying with the Cathkin Braes SXC round but I’m open to ideas for other things through the year.

The fact that the first entry is in means that training should really kick off ASAP, so now that the XC bike is sorted (the saga of which will be told in another post….) I can get that going. Along with some plans for base miles, I’m getting in some benchmark rides around various local loops at the moment, establishing the starting points for this endeavour and giving me something to track performance.

So, the first benchmark loop is below. A sub hour lap should be easy enough, aye? :-)

Benchmark #1

23:00 5/1/2013 addition

The second…. Not a great ride to be honest, which makes improvement easy. :-)

Benchmark #2

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